This Website is devoted to the Sharing of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!  Many Stories are similar to the Teachings of the BIBLE…Please Feel Free to Read them & Share them with others…

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My Walk with Jesus

A Jesus Ebook

Here is just one of the many stories that I have compiled.  All of the stories are available on this Public Domain website, and can be accessed over the Internet anywhere that it is available.  Some, libraries have computers with Internet access for FREE!  The stories are all FREE to read, and you can print them on paper, and share them with anyone, if the computer that you are using has a printer attached to it.  

Hope, you enjoy the stories that I have Compiled, with Help from Jesus!

Have a Great Day,



I owe all my thanks to Jesus who has inspired me to write & create this Manuscript, for without His help, I can do nothing...

This Website contains Jesus thought's,  in which Jesus has Inspired me to write about, there is No Copyright for this work,  as the Wisdom of God, has no limits, and the earth could not contain the knowledge of God, Jesus freely gives his life to anyone who asks for it...I give my life to those who ask for it, then later Jesus will reward me, with his life to Live...You may copy this work, and make revisions to the copy which you  have downloaded...

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